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Education for Children with Disabilities in Bangladesh

There are approximately 1.5 billion people around the world living with a disability. These individuals face significant barriers to receiving an education, particularly in developing countries. Children with disabilities in Bangladesh, for example, are often misunderstood by their parents, community members and educators, making it difficult for them to attend school. Showing links between poverty and […]


An Update on Eye Care for Ebola Survivors

While Ebola killed more than 11,000 people in just Western Africa in 2014-2015, the thousands who survived are now at risk of developing vision loss face issues caused by the infection. These survivors commonly face vision problems, ranging from uveitis (a form of eye inflammation) to optic neuropathy to panuveitis (inflammation of all the layers […]

10 Clothing Brands That Give Back

Thousands of companies have made it a priority to invest in vulnerable communities around the world. A number of clothing brands in particular have emulated the one-to-one charitable giving model made popular by Toms Shoes. Keep reading to learn the top 10 clothing brands that give back globally: 10 Clothing Brands That Give Back Serengetee […]

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5 Positive Impacts of The Ethical Trading Initiative

Fair Trade is a buzzword these days, but what impact does it really have? As fair trade business models are around longer and grow in popularity, there is time to assess what positive impacts they actually have. The U.K.’s Ethical Trading Initiative is an alliance of organizations that work together to promote and support ethical […]