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How Poverty and Antimicrobial Resistance are Interconnected

The development of antibiotics and antivirals are some of the most prolific medical inventions to date. The introduction of these magnificent tools marked one of humanity’s biggest successes, saving millions of patients, increasing the average life expectancy and catapulting the advancement of medical sciences. Envisioning a world without antibiotics and antivirals seems nearly impossible, yet […]

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Kellogg’s Helps Smallholder Farms Reduce Poverty

Poverty remains one of the toughest global challenges, particularly for smallholder farms situated in rural areas. These farms usually face a myriad of obstacles surrounding resources, finance and a growing, pressing issue — climate change. Understanding the volume of the issue, Kellogg’s, a massive cereal and granola company, has become a pillar of support to […]


5 Charities Operating in Vietnam

In the last decade, over 10 million people have escaped poverty in Vietnam. However, poverty in ethnic minority groups such as the La Hu and H’Mong remains rampant. Vietnam has yet to improve the quality of life for the more vulnerable groups of society and treat all citizens equally. The multi-dimensional poverty rate for ethnic […]