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Organizations Improving Healthcare in Somalia

Many challenges come with being one of the poorest countries in the world. In Somalia, a country located on the Horn of Africa, garnering a quality healthcare system for everyone is a major struggle. With a population of over 12 million, the people of Somalia have one of the lowest life expectancies in the world. […]

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Poverty in the U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands’ (USVI) tourism industry was just beginning to recover from back-to-back hurricanes Irma and Maria, which swept through the island in 2017. Its economy—including schools, hospitals and hotels—was just starting to rebuild and reopen. The aftermath of these hurricanes coupled with the coronavirus leaves the USVI ill-prepared for the financial woes of […]

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Intel’s COVID-19 Tech for Good Initiatives

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an accelerator for collective innovation and partnerships in Tech for Good initiatives that benefit society. In particular, Intel has played a big role in using its technology to combat coronavirus in two main ways: medical (Response and Readiness Initiative) and educational (Online Learning Initiative). So far, Intel has worked on […]

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Problems with Healthcare in Ukraine

The quality of healthcare in Ukraine is under debate as the country remains in the midst of a war with Russia. Citizens are also paying immense expenses out of pocket. According to Ukrainian law, healthcare is free. However, this is not the reality that many of the country’s citizens experience when seeking medical treatment. Instead, […]

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Examining Homelessness in Barbados

With beautifully clear water, palm trees and blue skies, Barbados is a popular destination for vacationers, with 2.4 million people traveling to the island annually. However, outside of luxury resorts and beaches, about 18% of the native population lives in poverty. Additionally, many experience homelessness in Barbados. Stigma Regarding Homelessness in Barbados Vacations and other […]

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Can One Person End Global Poverty?

Starting with only a laptop and an idea, Jeff Bezos created one of the most powerful monopolies in the world: Amazon. However, by becoming the richest man in the world, Bezos has people questioning his philanthropic efforts in helping to end global poverty. The Importance of Philanthropy Since 1990, the global poverty rate has reduced […]

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Yemen Desert Locust Response Project

Gregarious Desert Locust Swarms Swarms of locusts travel in groups of at least 80 million; a swarm can routinely eat what 35,000 humans can eat in the same time span. This article will highlight the destructive potential of locust swarms and the Yemen Desert Locust Response Project. The desert landscape of Yemen makes it the […]

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Solar Electric Light Fund Fights Energy Poverty

The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) advocates that energy access is a human right. Beginning in 1990, founder Neville Williams worked to build solar-powered home systems in regions where families lacked electricity. Expanding from an individualized approach to the “Whole Village Development Model” in 2001, SELF began installing solar-powered electric systems into community infrastructure. SELF […]