Name: Amy Jenkins
Position: Senior Program Manager
Location: Seattle, WA
Hometown: Appleton, WI
College: Lawrence University

How did you get interested in global poverty?
While studying abroad, I saw the impact poverty has on a much larger scale. After taking classes in undergrad that covered human rights and inequalities worldwide as well, and learning how activism plays a key role in creating lasting positive change, that all solidified my drive to want to take action.

What’s your favorite thing about being part of The Borgen Project?
My favorite thing about being a part of The Borgen Project is seeing how the grassroots efforts have impacted moving policy and legislation forward. The creativity in mobilizing, the dedication in spotlighting groups working on the ground to improve living conditions for communities, and the passion that comes through when our team meets with their congressional leaders is inspiring.

What advice do you have for people who’ve just joined the organization?
Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone! We have resources and training sessions for just about everything that will help you become a successful advocate. We’re always here to help, so ask questions when you have them!

What does your typical day look like?

Every day is a little different, but throughout the week, I’m meeting with ambassadors to prepare for meetings with their representatives, keeping up to date on the initiatives we’re supporting and meeting with Members of Congress and their staff about the issues, hosting training sessions on advocacy and fundraising and helping to manage donor relations.

 Favorite book?
Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Favorite movie? Any random facts you can share with us?
Anything spooky! Sinister is an all-time favorite.