American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

joint distribution committee
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee aims to serve those across the globe who are in the most need of immediate assistance. Whether it is a matter of confronting human rights violations or simply providing for the world’s poor, the goal of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is to provide relief.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is active in over 70 countries and works to aid those with persisting poverty issues, as well as those negatively impacted by factors ranging from times of war to unexpected and destructive weather. The organization has been active since 1914 and seeks to provide a worldwide community for those in need.

Although the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee works worldwide to aid those in need, they operate on three basic principles in order to sustain Jewish culture. The organization aims to “save the poorest Jews, to develop tomorrow’s Jewish leaders, and to revitalize Jewish life.”

The organization has most recently been active in aiding people in Israel who have been under constant rocket fire from Gaza. The American Jewish Distribution has “activated their emergency phone chains and are regularly checking in on those they serve, providing for their safety, and meeting their needs as the emergency continues.”

Plans of action include delivering meals to those unable to leave their homes in areas such as Be’er Tuvia, Merchavim and Sdot Negev. Through the Better Together program, they are working to establish alternative activities to keep children busy and to decrease their levels of fear and anxiety caused by the long periods of time spent in bomb shelters.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution has provided assistance during the Carmel fires, Second Intifada and the Second Lebanon War. The organization is no stranger to providing assistance during times of conflict.

Jordyn Horowitz

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Photo: Lastheplace