Name: Alessandro Ganoulis

Location: London, United Kingdom

Role: Political Affairs Team member

Fundraising Goal: £400

My interest in volunteering stems from a belief that nobody should be disadvantaged from living a fulfilled life when others have excess resources and time to change that. I believe we should all act as ‘global citizens’ and extend our support in the spirit of what a certain famous John said: “imagine there’s no countries […] imagine all the people sharing all the world”. Additionally, this belief is coupled with my passion for understanding global issues which has led me to pursue a master’s in international law and volunteer as an English teacher for newly arrived refugees in the UK. I strongly believe that if everybody in the world were to inform themselves of the issues faced around the world that lead to global poverty and low living conditions, and, accordingly, act their part to stop it, we would be able to make a global change towards eradicating these issues all together. Such a change starts with every individual taking action independently hoping to start a ripple effect to lead to a significant change, that is why I am now volunteering through the Borgen Project.

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