9 Things More Expensive Than Curing Aids

While its comical syntheses of reality shows and GIF-ridden compilations provide the perfect workday relief, Buzzfeed has more frequently provided informational insights into front-page worthy news stories.  This past week, the social media platform honored World AIDS Day (December 1) with a feature list titled “9 Things That are More Expensive Than Curing AIDS.”

According to a UNAIDS study, it would cost about $5 to $7 billion per year until 2020 to cure AIDS. And while the United States is a world leader in combating the debilitating disease, there are still many things on which this country are spending a great deal more.  In what is this nation investing that is more valuable than AIDS? Buzzfeed offers the following list:

1. The annual chocolate expenditure: $12.6 billion

2. The annual expenditure on supplements and herbal remedies: $14.8 billion

3. The annual expenditure on “alternative veterinary care”: $12.5 billion

4. The annual expenditure on cigarette advertising: $8.37 billion

5.  The annual beer expenditure: $99 billion

6. The annual expenditure on Valentine’s Day: $18.6 billion

7. The annual expenditure on McDonald’s: $27.5 billion

8. The annual expenditure on Halloween Costumes: $6.9 billion.

9. The annual expenditure on toilet paper: $6 billion

Given this list, it is clear that there is room for some reallocation of funds – some might agree that a little less could be spent on Big Macs, and more on preventing new HIV infections.  This additional spending on research and prevention could save more than 7.4 million lives before the year 2020.

For more information on AIDS and how to donate, please visit http://www.one.org/us/.

Mallory Thayer

Sources: Buzzfeed, UNAIDS
Photo: International Business Times