Tayler Demontigny is not your average 6-year-old. Instead of sitting at home playing with toys or hanging out with friends, Tayler spends his time fundraising for clean water in Africa. According to, Tayler’s master plan for clean water in African countries happened over a bowl of cereal. One morning, Tayler asked his parents to save watermelon seeds so he could plant them in his garden.

However, his mom told him that he needed to live somewhere hot to plant the watermelon seeds. With quick wit, Tayler asked his parents to send all the watermelon seeds to Africa so that people in African villages could have watermelons. However, Tayler’s mom responded by telling him that Africa lacks clean water, therefore people there won’t be able to plant watermelons. The little boy then decided to come up with a plan to help African nations gain access to clean water.

His initial plan was to ship bottles and jugs of clean water to nations and areas that needed it the most. However, he then came up with a better idea to raise awareness. He proposed that everyone in his family walk around with clean water jugs on their heads in order to teach people about their project and gain more support. “It will teach people how hard it is!” Taylor said. With help from his parents, Tayler set up a website through The Water Project. He has also started a door-to-door campaign. Tayler hopes that the door-to-door campaign will help him raise enough money to build a well in Africa.

Thanks to Tayler’s efforts, 50 students and staff at Lasalle Secondary School now support the cause. The secondary students helped collect funds for the Walk for Water project. The students marched alongside Tayler, carrying large water jugs of water down Lasalle Boulevard and Barrydowne Road on October 18.

Because of his quick thinking, this not-so-average 6-year-old is now spearheading a fundraiser under the Clean Water Project. Tayler’s clean water profile summarizes his goals. According to it, Tayler hopes to “help raise funds to provide clean, safe drinking water to people who suffer needlessly without it in the developing world”. He has now raised over $7,000 for the cause.

– Stephanie Olaya

Sources: Northern Life, The Water Project