Legislation & Programs

We don’t change the world unless you do.

Did you know? If a bill number starts with an “S” that means the bill is in the Senate. If the bill starts with “HR” that means it’s in the House. For example, S. 525 the Food for Peace Reform Act is in the Senate. When the bill is introduced in the House, it will begin with HR and have a different number.

Call your 3 members of Congress in support of these bills.

Food for Peace Reform Act (S. 525)

What to say: “Hello, I’m a Borgen Project supporter and I would like you to support the Food for Peace Reform Act.”

Electrify Africa Act (H.R. 2847) (S. 1933)

Global Food Security Act (H.R. 1567)

Girls Count Act



Everyone living in the United States is served by 2 U.S. Senators and 1 U.S. Representative. Enter your zipcode to find your leaders.


Add the phone numbers of your 3 members of Congress to your cellphone.


A helpful receptionist, usually an intern, will answer the phone. All you have to say is, ā€œIā€™m a Borgen Project supporter. Please increase funding for USAID.ā€

100 Senators + 435 Representatives = Congress

  • You have three members of Congress who represent you back in D.C. – Two Senators and one Representative.
  • Senators serve in the Senate and there are two from each state.
  • Representatives serve in the House of Representatives and the number is determined by population. For example, there are numerous Representatives in New York City while there is only one Representative serving all of Alaska.
  • Representatives are frequently referred to as Congressmen, Congresswomen or Reps.

We don’t change the world unless you do.