Form a Tribe of Co-Workers Who Call Congress



“Hey Bob, you want to join my Monday morning calling party?”

How to Create an Office Calling Team

Turn cubicle chatter into calls for the poor. Form a team of co-workers who call Congress each week.

STEP 1. Share The Passion Start mention the cause a lot. Passion is contagious. Send links.
Step 2. Monkey See Monkey Do Show your co-workers how easy it is to call:

  1. Find your leaders
  2. Find their contact number, save it, and then call
  3. Then say, “I’m a Borgen Project supporter and I’d like to see funding for USAID increased. Thank You.”

After that, have them do it right after you so they can first hand see how simple it is. It is easiest to have everyone agree on a specific day of the week to make the call. Therefore, you are able to remind everyone on that day and do it all together.


Step 3. Timing People will always assume they don’t have time to do anything extracurricular in their life. Therefore, it is your duty to catch your co-workers during their down time. Try…

  • Lunch time in the lunch room/cafeteria
  • 15 minute breaks
  • After closing when they are putting on their jackets (or before opening)
  • During your 90 days review
  • During team meetings (beginning or after)
  • If you’re comfortable enough, even a bathroom break


Another way to motivate your co-workers to do you a favor is by returning a favor in exchange. For example, if they call their congressional leaders, you will…

  • Switch a work day with them when needed
  • File papers
  • Take out the trash
  • Dust the office
  • Take this stack of papers and bring it to the correct place etc.


Step 4. Follow Up Do this as much as possible, follow up with your co-workers. If they committed to taking an action, confirm that they’re still planning on it, then confirm that they did it and express your gratitude!


Sample Email to Send Co-workers

First Email:

Hi Sally, have you heard of The Borgen Project before? I just discovered the site and it’s very cool!


Second Email:

Check this page out their site Drop by my desk in ten minutes. I’m going to try calling Congress!